Eyes Possession

I feel you
The way you colors your look
Those shiv on your eyes
Stabs me every time

And along the way
I just feel it
No one has ever have it
Even from you!


Terlalu sibuk mencintai
Aku lupa butuh dicintai
Terlalu risau pada persoalan
Aku lupa perlu kawan

Niatkan untuk memaafkanku

Old Soul

Been always want to impress
To be noticed every time
Just because never trust
As much as this

All the sweets and paleness
Turn this life so colorful
And when it stucks
Still, no regret

With most humble signature
The play expect no applause
The stage remain meaningful
In a remarkably silence

Adores coming beneath
Reflecting the shine
And the grande is
The beauty of this story
As always


I’ll tell stories to your shadow
Things do not change the way you want
I’ll stick with that hollow
For I no longer found you in you now

You spent your own story
And I’m with mine
You sway for a purpose
And I still see nothing

Disorder world is one you became
The brackish realms always fit to you
I pick my own staggered move
To pretend

This all is…
Always about politeness