[sebuah koda buat Abner]

Kegelisahan tak datang saat kau siap. Tapi kebahagiaan menunggu tenangmu.
Dalam gelisah tak ada suasana indah. Sedih atau gembiramu tak merubah niatnya. Risau datang entah kau siap atau tidak. Maka terimalah hasutan gelisah yg datang dengan tenang. Karena saat tenang, hanya kebahagiaan yang sering datang.


To give everything
You’re dry for

To put the guards off
You’re vulnerable

No carelessness covered
You’re naked

You’re ready to be in-pieces
On the hands of where-you-put-your-trust in

No trade will be done
Nor trails will be gone

Mien doesn’t lie
They just want to protect what’s best inside

~one-way journey

Little Snail

Jauh jaraknya
We exchange stuffs
Share laugh

I thought we discover each other
Itu tak lama
I thought I’ve found you
Cos I know we feel us


On my coastal
Lines been hit by never-ending
But the water keep drawing
From a line to another

On my coastal
A form of something always appears
To be blemished by waves
And appears again for another meaning

Do we owe to our promises?
~I read between the line
Although so much been doing
We’re not going anywhere

Is this how we protect each other?
Our nature seems not agreed
Although so many denials
We’re haven’t confess anything

This is how
We consider to get the answer
Sailing from waves to another
Riding signs with no option to have the clues

And yet, you take for granted how sharp I am;
How I voluntarily take part as a theatrical victim
And yes, I must survive my extraordinary
For now